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FREE BOOKS FOR KIDS – Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library


The goal of Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library (DPIL) is to place FREE, age-appropriate books in the homes of children from birth to age 5.  The 2000 census indicates that there are approximately 750 children in our area who are eligible for the program.  Why do we want to get our preschoolers reading at an early age?

Ø      Statistics show that children who are read to from birth are better prepared to learn on entering kindergarten or 1st grade.  It all begins with books!

Ø      75% of students who are poor readers in 3rd grade will remain poor readers in high school

Ø      Several studies in recent years have shown that investing in early childhood education yields more productive older students, better citizens, and better employees.

Ø      Children develop much of their capacity to learn in the first 3 years of life when their brains grow to 90% of their eventual adult weight.


Please help us put books in the homes of all the preschoolers in Brown County and zip code 46164! 


Books are mailed monthly to each registered child and the only requirements are that the child lives in Brown County or zip code 46164 and is under the age of 5.  There is no cost for the family.  For only $30, you can support a child for an entire year giving him the tools necessary to make sure he is ready to learn when he gets to school. 


Checks should me made out to COTL-DPIL and mailed to P.O. Box 54, Nineveh, IN  46164.  Donations are tax deductible.  For more information call Vonda at (317) 933-2262.  We appreciate your support!

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